PAT LYNCH is a self-made successful business owner as well as a family man from Cork, Ireland. A father of three daughters, he has carved out his way to entrepreneurial success since leaving a salaried job in his forties. Pat founded the award-winning Microtech Cleanroom Services in 1998 which he later sold in 2001. He won the SME Cork Company of the Year in 2001 for Microtech. 

As an accountant with an MBA, he worked as the Financial Director and Controller for many US firms including Seagate Technology, Western Digital and Summit Technology. Pat is also a board member of the Ignite Programme at University College Cork which accel-erates business start-ups. Pat is also an angel investor in various companies. 

The first title from Lynch Press, MakeSelf, was published in April 2015 with further titles planned on sales and business. 

C U R R E N T   T I T L E S

MakeSelf  50 Tips for Creating a Life Well-lived, April 2015


MakeSales  50 Tips for Selling your Products and Services, late 2015

MakeBusiness  50 Tips for creating and running your Dream Business, 2016