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SalesMake – 50 Tips to Grow Your Sales

Sales is all about fixing problems… the secret is knowing what the problem is.

In this inspiring sales book, Pat Lynch, an entrepreneurial businessman from Cork, Ireland, shares with you his simple yet effective sales tips, gained from a lifetime of experience and success.

Sales Make is not your typical, standard format guide to sales. In the second book from this new author, Pat’s 50 easy-to-action tips have once again been beautifully illustrated with lively hand-drawn images by graphic artist, Eleanor Reilly of Think Visual. The book also contains handy practical worksheets to help you put your plans into place. Pat has applied these ideas with highly positive outcomes throughout his career and he believes they can be put into action by everyone, whether or not you’re working in B2B (Business to Business) sales. 

Anyone willing to take Pat’s sales tips on board will see huge long term benefits if they start taking action today. Are you or your company ready for change and success? If so, get ready to make sales.


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SelfMake – 50 Tips to Create a Life Well-lived

The secret is… there is no secret. It’s as simple as that.

In this inspiring and refreshing book, Pat Lynch, an accomplished self-made businessman from Cork, shares with you his secrets to a life of success and well-being. His 50 tips for life, from his own personal experience, are to be read first and acted upon after. 

Pat’s life experience is outlined in his book and he is happy to share his wisdom with you. These are the insights from a man who has seen and done it all. His 50 tips may seem obvious to you. However, this is exactly the point – the way to a life filled with success, joy and well-being is through those most obvious things. A well-lived life is for everyone. Are you ready? 


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MakeBusiness – 50 Tips to Create the business of your Dreams